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Speeding Problems

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 Education in St.Albans
 Road Maintenance
 Congestion in St.Albans
 Housing overdevelopment
 Crime and Anti-social Behaviour
 The environment
 Cleanliness of streets
 Local business/commerce
 Overall Tax burden
 Gypsy sites
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Dursun makes a difference


Progress is being made with road surfacing work at The Ancient Briton junction, Marshalls Drive, and Sandridge Road. Salih is also pressing to bring forward work on some of the other roads in St. Albans North.

As a result of your concerns about churned up grass verges, steps are to be taken to stop parking and put an end to builders using these green strips to dump their materials and rubbish. Salih wants to tidy up our City and will be making sure that the regulations are enforced.