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  • Dursun Meets up with David Cameron

    Dursun out with other local Conservatives and David Cameron (Leader of the Conservative Party) during the last local elections in 2008. 

    During the last local elections in 2008, Dursun managed to increase the Conservative vote by 45% in the Clarence ward.  Unfortunately, this was not quite enough to secure victory with the seat going to the well known Liberal Democrate candidate, Chris White.

    However, this time round, Dursun is even more determined to serve the residents of Clarence ward and of St. Albans as a whole and is working hard to meet the local residents so that they know what he stands for.


  • Dursun Meets with Eric Pickles

    Dursun meeting with the Conservative Party Chairman, Mr Eric Pickles, at the recent Conservative Councellor's Conference, which was held at the end of February 2010.

    Whilst talking to other councellors and prospective councellors, Dursun was able to raise many of the concerns and issues of St. Albans residents with Eric so that the Conservative Party are hearing the grass root messages.

    Dursun Altun with Eric Pickles, Conservative Party Chairman


  • Dursun Meets up with Caroline Spelman

    Dursun raising the issues and concerns with Caroline Spelman (Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) at the Conservative Councillors' Association Conference held in February 2010.

    Mrs Caroline Spelmen, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, with Dursun Altun


  • Dursun makes a difference

    Progress is being made with road surfacing work at The Ancient Briton junction, Marshalls Drive, and Sandridge Road. Salih is also pressing to bring forward work on some of the other roads in St. Albans North.

    As a result of your concerns about churned up grass verges, steps are to be taken to stop parking and put an end to builders using these green strips to dump their materials and rubbish. Salih wants to tidy up our City and will be making sure that the regulations are enforced.

  • Reduced Consultation Fee

    Hertfordshire County Council has been shortlisted for two top awards which recognise the efficiency of its services. The winners of the MJ Local Government Achievement Awards 2009 will be announced on 25 June.

    In the Public Private Partnership section, Herts Highways has been recognised for its efficiency and high class service. The MJ citation reads:

    “Hertfordshire County Council’s partnership with consultants Mouchel and contractor AmeyLafarge has been delivering efficiency savings and first class road maintenance services through Hertfordshire Highways since 2002. Following a major review and extension of the contracts last year, the partnership has built on its success and is now on schedule to meet a new target of £13m in savings over the next four years.”

    Stuart Pile, Executive Member for Highways says, “Herts Highways sometimes comes in for complaints because we just cannot give them enough money to do the job that we would all like to see. However, it is splendid that the judges for this prestigious national award recognise the efficient and effective way in which Herts Highways use the resources they have in maintaining our roads. We are able to invest the efficiency savings they make to fund extra work on the roads.”

    The second nomination is in the People and Workforce section. The citation reads:

    “TW3 is the popular shorthand for Hertfordshire’s imaginative ‘The Way We Work’ programme, which is designed to make the very best use of its staff and most efficient use of resources. Over a three year period the county has streamlined its organisation, reduced office accommodation from 51 to just three main bases resulting in the improved motivation and morale of its staff to maintain its focus on delivering service excellence.”

    David Lloyd, Executive Member for Resources says, “we put great emphasis on getting the best value from every taxpayer’s pound. This programme has done just that, while also investing in proper facilities for our staff in delivering their important services.”

    The Council was also commended in the Energy Efficiency category.

  • Telecommunication masts at our ward

    S.A.D.C cabinet voted against the Telecom Mast in Clarence Park. The Libdem cabinet not only denied much needed revenue for the park but...

  • Network St Albans launched to tackle congestion issues

    One thing everyone in St Albans can agree on is that the ancient city was not designed for today's...

  • Conservative Boost for local spending

    Conservatives at County Hall plan to put more money in the hands of local people. The intention is to devolve an element of the budget to local...